The Truth About “Natural” Skin CarešŸŒæ

There are so many terms to describe natural skin care – natural, naturally derived, and even nature identical. Everybody holds a different definition of natural. With MelanopeelĀ®, we use a number of naturally derived botanicals in our skin care, along with skin-safe ingredients.

Other skin care lines promote themselves as ā€œNaturalā€ and ā€œChemical freeā€. What does this really mean? We have put together for you information about what ā€œnaturalā€ skincare really is.

Several misconceptions have been spread so far about natural products being completely natural and therefore best for your skin. It has become very hard to completely define “a natural product”. No one has been able to find the exact definition of a natural skin care regime.

Melanopeel uses the purest forms and highest grades of naturally derived botanicals.

What this means is that these naturally derived botanicals are a concentrated form of the active molecule of the plant responsible for the positive skin benefits, but formulated without the plant molecules that can irritate the skin. This results in a safer product for the skin.

But one thing you must be very clear about the products that are labelled “natural” –

“Natural” is an unregulated term, and does not mean that it is free of chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers or additives.

Natural simply means that it is derived from natural sources, which in most of the instances is processed and collected in a lab before being exported for sale to skin care makers. Processing in the lab makes the product more useful in aspects of its safety and use – this includes oils, botanical extracts, emulsified creams, scents, and botanical additives.

Your “natural skin care” extracts do not come hand-picked from trees and berries. They are processed & manufactured in labs with added preservatives.

For example, DMAE (dimethlyethanolamine) which is naturally found in fish such as salmon is often touted as a natural and organic antiaging skin care ingredient.

It is usually stated as being derived from ‘vegan’ sources. What in fact this means is that this DMAE is synthetically manufactured in a lab from non-animal sources, in the stabilized form of the chemical dimethlyethanolamine bitartrate.

The take home message is that most ‘natural’ additives & extracts are artificially processed in a lab. A product does not need to be labeled as ‘natural’ to have low toxicity and high safety, such as with the MelanopeelĀ® System.

According to science, natural products still need small amounts of preservatives and stabilizers. The natural products need stabilizers so that they work better and blend in with your skin care product. Moreover, the preservatives are needed to protect the product form fungi and bacteria as microbes destroy the product. These preservatives are made in large processing laboratories.

Most of the skincare brands put “100 % natural” label on their products as a marketing tactic but the fact is opposite to that as there are merely a few products that come in 100 % natural form. Without additives such products would be expected to have a shelf life of days to a few weeks.

You will also find that many foreign-produced ā€˜naturalā€™ skin care products are not subject to stringent controls and in reality, you may have absolutely no idea what is contained in your ā€˜naturalā€™ creams and lotions.

Natural skin care products are not usually 100% natural. For instance, even oil-based products need to utilize vitamin E as a preservative. Most of the natural ingredients also have scientific names. For example, some companies will write antioxidants on their ingredient list instead of vitamin E, which has the scientific name of Tocopherol. Mislabeling and providing alternative ā€˜natural soundingā€™ names to ingredients commonly occurs, and this is perfectly legal.

You must be well familiar with the fact that using purely natural product never ensures that it is free from any side effects or toxicities. It can still cause side effects and toxic reactions as natural substances also have their own chemistry and composition, containing different chemicals present in it naturally. For example, trendy new products containing natural CBD oil can cause contact dermatitis & skin irritation.

Did you know that mandelic acid is naturally antibacterial and contributes greatly to our product stability? This simply adds to the safety, efficacy and durability of our product to be more user and eco-friendly. We make sure that all our products hold their natural effectiveness, while having a low toxicity to the skin, using safe preservatives.

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