Melanopeel® was virtually created for dark skin. If you are within the darker brown spectrum, chances are that you are afraid to peel your skin, or in fact do anything that will upset your skin integrity. While darker skin does have a tendency to discolor faster and more intensely than light skin, you can be rest assured that our peels have been tested on the deepest of browns and have come out with spectacular results.

beautiful girl with very dark skin

Some interesting information on very deep brown skin – your skin’s melanocytes are more likely to be stable when compared to someone of a medium brown complexion.

This possibly has to do with the fact that your pigment cells produce melanin in a more orderly fashion. It could also be that the melanin produced on inflammation blends in better with very dark brown skin.

That said, no-one really knows why very deeply pigment skin tends to have fewer blemishes. If you are one one these lucky people, you are blessed with the wonderous beauty of near flawless skin.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can safely do chemical peels on very dark skin, the simple answer is yes – yes when you use the correct peeling system like with Melanopeel®, and yes when you use them as directed by your clinic.

Both our home peels and professional peels are based on mandelic acid and gentle enough for great results.

If you do choose to do a chemical peel on your skin for acne, razor bumps, or rough skin, you can trust that you can achieve glowing results with Melanopeel®.

The Melanopeel® Home Peels can be used on very dark skin.

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