Other Great Skin Care Lines You Can Use With Melanopeel®.

With Melanopeel®, we understand that there are other great medical skin care lines available to you. Your full skin care system does not necessarily need to be all pieces from Melanopeel®.

We have tested a number of other systems and these are our top picks (click on the links for product website and more information). To best understand how to safely combine your products, consult with your Melanopeel®-certified clinic for proper recommendations.

Our top 3 picks:

  • The Dermalogics Acne Program – An affordable and robust comprehensive skincare line strong on active skincare serums. This anti-acne line focuses on thwarting skin acclimatization to the same active ingredient. This line does great on all skin colors, including very dark skin. Ask your Melanopeel® clinic on how best to combine your products to maximize results.
  • The Obagi Medical System – A tried and true system that has been around for a long time. Based on glycolic acid, we have found that this pigmentation control system works well for lighter skin tones.
  • SkinCeuticals – Another system that has stood the test of time with strong antioxidants and rosacea-safe ingredients.

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