Tired Of White Sunscreens?

You simply love your perfect brown color or brown tinted complexion. You may be Mediterranean, Hispanic, Indian, African, Caribbean, or just someone who has lived like, forever, in a hot climate.

It can be frustrating to find a good quality sunscreen that doesn’t make you glow like an opaque pearl.

Why sunscreens whiten the skin:

Mineral sunscreens are notorious for casting a ghostly white look after application. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide found in your mineral sunscreens are the causes of this. These minerals are excellent sunscreens, and are anti-inflammatory – think zinc oxide creams used to calm diaper rashes on babies. These minerals protect the skin against UV sun rays by forming a protective barrier that sits on top of the skin. Mineral sunscreens are not absorbed by the skin,

To overcome sunscreen whitening, Melanopeel has done 3 innovative things:

  1. Use skin-loving & pore-friendly mineral tints which look natural on all skin colors.
  2. Created advanced smaller mineral sizes that blend it better on the skin.
  3. Formulated a silky smooth oil-free anti-oxidant rich cream base which allows a smooth even dispersion of mineral particles which glide onto the skin.

Our tinted mineral sunscreens look so natural, you can even use them under your makeup as a protective base. They are oil-free and non-comedogenic, so there’s no need to worry about breakouts, even when you sweat.

The Melanopeel® range of non-whitening sunscreens will blend in beautifully with every shade of white, brown, or dark skin.

non-whitening sunscreens

What’s more, our sunscreens are further boosted with powerful vitamin antioxidants to further battle damaging free-radicals from the sun, giving you that extra dose of protection.

Click here to read all about the benefits of Color Self-Adjusting Sunscreens.

Here are our Melanopeel® sunscreens for color adjustment on all skin tones.

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