Why Do I Need So Many Products?

Alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, retinol, peptides, benzoyl peroxide, niacinamide, tranexamic acid, azelaic acid…CONFUSING! Why can’t I just get the perfect $29.99 cream that does it all like the ones I see on TV? The Melanopeel medical skin product line is extensive, and there is good science backing the need for so many creams & serums.

Your skin is a complex multicellular organ

The reason is that your skin is a large complex organ made of numerous cells fighting to be in healthy equilibrium within an environment that is constantly attacking and destabilizing this equilibrium.

Scientifically and medically, it is impossible to find one cream or serum that will target the 20 plus cell types that are floating around in and on your skin, all trying to communicate with each other.

For healthy skin, you need cells that birth new skin cells, collagen, elastin, capillaries, blood cells, inflammatory and anti inflammatory factors, pigment cells, multiple immune cells, sensory organs, sweat and sebaceous glands.

Your skin’s micro-environment changes daily & monthly

Your skin is constantly in a state of flux, and changes dynamically. It may be oily one day, dry on another, and breakout the next day. Therefore, it makes sense to have products on hand to cater for this constant variation in the skin’s micro-environment. This can be from hormone fluctuations, stress, medications, and the weather. Melanopeel carries products in all formulations, strengths, with over 30 active ingredients & botanicals. What’s more, the Melanopeel product line is safe for all skin colors, without the addition of harmful or toxic ingredients.

Your skin’s pH & microbiome needs to be correctly balanced

Then you have to consider your microbiome balance residing on the skin, your skin’s pH, and how your skin produces natural protective factors. Your skin also produces and releases hormones. So you see, that simplified image that you see on Google doesn’t give you the full story of this amazing 2 meters of your protective and regulating system. Your skin is not only your largest organ, it is also a complex one we still don’t even fully understand.

melanopeel products dark skin

When you take a medical and microscopic look at your skin, it begins to make more sense why reaching equilibrium with skin color, tone, texture, sensitivity, pigmentation, oiliness, and acne takes the work of several different medications. This is why Melanopeel medical skin products cater for the complexity of your skin’s biology.

Your skin acclimatizes rapidly to skin care products

Have you ever noticed how your awesome product seems to plateau and stop working as well after a few months? Well this is because your skin is a super intelligent organ with super adaptive powers. Skin is capable of changing it’s behavior and gets used to products. This is why the irritation of a hydroxy acid or retinol product goes away with time. At this stage, you can either bump up to a stronger product, or use a different formulation to get your skin to respond like before.

Let’s look at acne as an example

Those inflamed oily bumps on your skin that can discolor and scar are a complex interaction of the skin’s keratinocytes, melanocytes, fibroblasts, immune cells, inflammatory mediators, capillaries, oil glands, bacteria, and sensory cells that all have to be regulated to make your skin look clear and radiant. One product alone cannot deal with the complexity of acne.

Then to make things worse, your great acne products seem to just stop working – this is the skin acclimatizing. With the extensive Melanopeel product line, your physician can choose another product to get you past that plateau.

melanopeel physician with products

We hope now that it makes a little more sense why just one cream or serum will only get you just so far on your journey towards clear beautiful skin.

Remember, Melanopeel® fully understands skin biology and physiology. See our certified clinicians for best and customized recommendations. Clear, healthy skin begins with the Melanopeel® Skin Clarity System.

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