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So you’ve watched a thousand YouTube videos by top makeup artists. You’re an expert at highlighting, contouring, bronzing, lashes, and you’ve purchased top-of-the-line makeup brushes.

You are a champion at concealing every dark blemish and dark under-eye circle. You can totally transform your face, and your friends’ faces with your artistic makeup hands.

You cannot hide acne bumps and acne scars with makeup.

We absolutely adore beautiful skillful makeup and stunning color coordinations! But what happens when the skin isn’t smooth? Under the revealing lights, it is impossible to hide those acne bumps, pitted acne scars, or large pores.

You have probably already heard the analogy of your skin being like a canvas for painting – silky smooth skin makes the most amazing canvas for makeup.

makeup concealer on bad skin

The problem with makeup (even the “non-pore-clogging” & “non-comedogenic” types) is that ingredients within makeup such as preservatives, dyes and silicones left on the skin in layers can cause local skin irritation and exacerbate inflammation of comedones (black & whiteheads) and acne currently on your skin.

Your aim should be to minimize the the amount of makeup on your skin.

The more skin discolorations you have, the more layers you will need to hide them. The clearer your skin, the less coverage will be needed for your skin, and the healthier your skin quality becomes.

To get super-silky skin that makes for the perfect canvas we have 6 proven smoother-makeup recommendations for you.

6 steps to get smooth makeup skin:

1. Use a mandelic acid based cleanser, toner & serum.

Melanopeel® Skin Clarity system carries the widest range of mandelic acid cleansers, toners and serums. This alpha hydroxy acid does an amazing job at resurfacing your skin, while dealing with uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and acne. It is also safe for patients with darker skin. You can wear our serums under your makeup so that you can clear your skin while covering up. We also offer some of the best available makeup removers for the cleanest skin possible.

2. Use a home microneedle

The Melanoroller™ home microneedle has a long track history of safety and effectiveness. This roller is a trusted choice of Hollywood celebrities. All patients wanting clearer, smoother skin should be the proud owner of one. This home use device is best used with our Tranexa Microneedle serums with retinol for best results. Your home microneedle treatment involves rolling your skin with the Melanoroller™ for 5 minutes, once a week. The aim of this treatment is to stimulate skin nourishment by increasing superficial blood flow to the skin. Regular treatments also reduce acne, and diminish pore size.

3. Get professional microneedle treatments if you have acne scars

Acne scars leave depressions in the skin that are almost impossible to hide even by the most gifted makeup artist. The professional treatments with your physician are very different to the home microneedling.

While the home system works superficially to increase surface blood flow, the professional system works at a much deeper level and is called “collagen induction therapy“. The professional treatments are best for stimulating new collagen formation to plump out the depressed acne scars, and also reducing deeper pigmentation from acne.

Your Melanopeel®-certified physician carries the MelanoPen™ device which has laser-like precision and depth control for targeting acne scars. The system uses very strong anesthesia to ensure very minimal to no discomfort.

4. Get monthly chemical peels with your Melanopeel physician

These are a must for anyone serious about getting clear skin. Your schedule for professional peels will vary from once a month to once every 3 months. Professional peels are stronger, and are dispensed by your Melanopeel®-certified physician. The system has 9 mandelic acid based professional peels blended with various alpha and beta hydroxy acids and skin lighteners for ultra effectiveness & safe for all skin colors.

Our professional peels can penetrate to all skin levels including the deeper levels needed to correct acne scars. You can also do lower level peels at home. They are invaluable at keeping your skin clear in between treatments. Again, you can get these prescribed to you by your Melanopeel®-certified physician.

5. Do weekly home chemical peels

At Melanopeel®, we arm you with seriously powerful skin care tools. Our home peels can be used on all skin tones to safely get you to the next level of clearer & smoother skin. Do every 1 – 2 weeks, or as directed by your clinic.

6. Get monthly MelanoFacial Microdermabrasions

melanopeel microdermabrasion facial

Another tried and tested treatment. Although microdermabrasions are superficial treatments, they are a tremendous help to your smoother skin regime. For a super-boosted microdermabrasion treatment, your Melanopeel®-certified physician uses special mandelic acid skin infusions for more effective skin resurfacing.

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