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What Good Skin Needs.

These 4 things

Your skin is perfect. Everyone compliments you on how great your skin looks. You have great good-skin genes in your family. Your skin is the last thing you need to worry about – it’s, like, perfect.💁

But have you considered how you are going to protect your real estate and keep it valuable for another 10 years? Your skin will age, regardless of your genetic profile.

We can protect your skin for the next decade.

This is your top 4 list of necessities to maintain good skin & slow down the aging process:

#1. Antioxidants

Your skin is being bombarded 24/7, 365 days a year by free-radicals. Environmental, chemical, and UV rays are all working daily to break down your skin. One of our most potent antioxidants is vitamin C as found in our Melanopeel® Cellular C Serum. Read more here about our series of protective Vitamin C serums. You can also find these in our Melanostat toning pads.

#2. Exfoliation

With age, your skin naturally becomes more sluggish, and accumulates dead skin which makes your skin become dull. Exfoliation resurfaces your skin so that you always have a fresh supply of glowing skin on the surface. Mandelic acid is an excellent resurfacer, without the harsh effects of most other alpha hydroxy acids. You can get these from our serums, cleansers, toners, crystal peel, and toning pads.

#3. Retinoids

Either prescription retinoids or retinol creams and serums are available to regulate your skin’s cycle. This amazing ingredient also protects your skin against DNA against mutations caused by aging and the sun. Retinol is your skin’s #1 friend. Read more about them here.

#4 Sun protection

Either mineral or chemical sunscreens are available, and will work against harmful UVA & UVB aging rays. You need to aim for daily use of sun protection, including hats, protective clothing, and sunglasses.

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