how to layer skin care products

How To Layer Your Skincare.

Ok. You have finally made your Melanopeel® purchase and you’re ready to clear up your skin and make it look younger!

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Now what? You’ve already forgotten your instructions. What do I use in the day, in the night, and how many times a week did the clinic say?

Confusing right? Let’s make it easier.

It’s not really that confusing, and we are here to simplify it all for you. The good news is that this isn’t some exact science. As long as you are regular and consistent with your routine, some deviations are OK. What’s more, you need to learn your skin, and each person is different. If a product is too strong for you initially, you should cut back the frequency of use, and increase when your skin becomes stronger and healthier.

What is it’s not giving you the results you want and think you should to ramp it up? We recommend that you check with your Melanopeel® clinic before increasing product use as this can cause discolorations in some skin types.

Let’s go through your layering and product use routine.

Read more details about layering your acne products here:


  • Regular non-exfoliating cleanser – AM and PM unless advised otherwise.
  • Exfoliating cleanser – this may be advised daily, or a few days a week depending on your skin, or if it’s the face or body area. Non-exfoliating cleansers to be used on the off-days.

Step 2 – TONING

  • Active ingredient toners are usually started at 3-4 days a week to gauge your skin reaction. Remember that the Melanopeel® active toners are meant to deliver active ingredients to the skin and treat the skin as they are medicated. It is better to begin use slowly, but you should increase frequency as your skin gets stronger.
  • On days when not using active toners, use our White Tea Toner, or Anti-Acne Toning Mist to deliver skin-healing nutrients such as niacinamide, allantoin, and ginseng to the skin.
  • Toning pads – The Melanostat™ Skin Toning Pads are the ultimate skin delivery system for our beneficial active ingredients including retinol, mandelic and salicylic acid. Use daily, or twice daily as recommended by your clinic.

Step 3 – TREATMENTS (Acne, anti aging, hyperpigmentation, rosacea)

  • Sometimes the steps of cleansing and toning with active ingredients are sufficient for treating your skin. Most patients though need more changes to their skin related to acne, anti aging, pigmentation, or rosacea. Treatment serums, treatment pads and lotions are usually prescribed. In an ideal scenario, more than 1 treatment should be given to maximize results. For example, an alpha hydroxy, a skin lighter, and a retinol. One treatment product simply cannot give you the best long-term results you require for really good skin. The skin contains too many different cells that need to be corrected and coordinated for the skin to become clear and healthy. Each product has a different mechanism of action, and each product targets a different cell type.
  • Serums & lotions – these are placed after cleansing and toning, and used mostly at night. You are welcome to mix your serums – skin lightener, hydroxy acid, vitamin C, retinol cream. New data shows that you are not deactivating your products, and all our Melanopeel® pieces are meant to be compatible with each other. This also saves you valuable time.
  • Eye Creams – Our Multipeptide Stem Cell Eye Cream with Matrixyl and Argireline also comes in at this step.
  • Treatment pads – For example, your Melanostat™ Skin Lightening Pads. These are used after cleansing. These pads also act as a toner, so you use them after cleansing.
  • The frequency of your treatments will be determined by your clinic, but this can change depending on your skin response.


  • This critical step is not just for those who need more moisture on their skin. It is needed for all patients using active ingredients for skin transformation. This step is necessary to help your skin recover and rebalance itself. The skin’s barrier function becomes disrupted while the epidermis is renewing itself. To help the barrier membrane ceramides, lipid, vitamin, microbiome and water balance remain in equilibrium, our hydrators are a crucial step. This is especially important after procedures such as peels and microneedling.


  • Shielding the skin from UV light is needed. The skin can become more sensitive with our treatments. Dark skin can become hyperpigmented if not properly protected. In addition. skin lightening procedures and melasma treatments work more effectively with good sun protection.
  • Your makeup can then be placed over our non-comedogenic and anti-aging sunscreens.


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