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How Hair Affects Your Acne

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Have you heard of Pomade Acne? It might be interesting for you to know that your hair may be the cause of these breakouts. This type of acne is also termed as “Pomade acne”, pimples caused by hair products. Pomade acne typically shows up on your hairline, cheeks, jaws, shoulders and upper back.

Hair care products can cause acne breakouts even in those who never experienced acne in their lifetime. Acne cosmetica” is a term that encompasses acne caused by products that we apply to our skin and hair.

Pomade Acne is therefore a form of Acne Cosmetica.

Acne Cosmetica & pomade acne:

Do you have tiny bumps along your hairline, forehead or back of your neck? If so, then the culprits may be your hair care products such as conditioners, shampoos. waxes, and styling products. Hair follicles and pimples are closely linked as pimples start their life cycle deep in the hair follicles.

acne from hair

Acne can only develop on the skin that contains hair follicles. Hair follicles are surrounded by sebaceous glands; oil-producing glands in your body. Acne breakouts and oil-production of sebaceous glands are closely associated processes.

Hair may contribute to acne in another way. Normally sweat can make your skin vulnerable to breakouts. Long hair can cause your face to sweat, increasing chances of a blemishes. Moreover, hair bands, tight hats, any kind of friction and pressure can trigger acne.

Hair habits that can contribute to acne:

sweating hair
  • Wearing Bangs – Your scalp produces oil, even if you do not have oily hair. If you wear bangs, sometimes you may notice that your forehead takes forever to clear up.
  • Hair products on your skin – Your hair care products might get transferred to your skin if you are not rinsing your hair thoroughly. Some of these may contain irritants that make you break out.
  • Using greasy hair oils and waxes – These tend to be comedogenic and can trigger inflammation.
  • Not showering after a workout – Sweat reacts with skin bacteria which can cause skin irritation if not rinsed off.
  • Wearing hats – Too tight hats can clog your pores and can make your acne worse.
  • Leaving your hair down while sleeping – This especially true if your hair is dirty and laden with bacteria.

To prevent cosmetic and hair product related acne, it is wise to adopt preventive measures and maintain good facial & hair hygiene.

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