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Do’s & Don’ts With Benzoyl Peroxide.

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Benzoyl peroxide (BP) is invaluable in your fight against acne. It is antibacterial. dries up excess oils, and exfoliates clogged up pores, releasing impacted comedones.

You should expect great results for acne, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs when using our advanced formulated BP’s. This medication, however, can cause skin sensitivity and skin discolorations with some persons. Here we list for you the do’s and don’t to help you get the most out of your BP treatments.

Remember that the BP formulations by Melanopeel® are advanced formulations with micronized BP

This advanced micronized formula is capable of penetrating directly into your pores, rather than remaining on the skin’s surface to cause irritation.


  • Start off with caution. Use a thinner layer of BP lotion before progressing to more, or begin use every other day before starting daily use. Unlike antibiotics, you will not develop bacterial resistance with BP.
  • BP 10% lotion can be used to spot-treat inflamed acne.
  • Lower level BP’s such as those found in our exfoliating microdermabrasion BP cleanser are safe to use with anyone not having a true allergy to BP (this is rare). Great for oily skin, acne, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.
  • Use sun protection.
  • Check with your Melanopeel® physician for safe alpha (AHA) and beta hydroxy (BHA) acid products that can be combined with BP like mandelic acid. Glycolic acid is a more irritating AHA than our all-time favorite mandelic acid. Combined use of BP and glycolic acid can cause hyperpigmentation, especially on darker skin exposed to the sun.
  • See your physician if you suspect that you have an allergy to BP.
  • Reveal to your Melanopeel® physician all medications you are on – those you are using on your skin, and those you are taking orally. Some medications will increase your skin’s sensitivity.
  • Reveal to your Melanopeel® physician underlying skin conditions you tend to suffer from, for example eczema, as this means that your protective skin barrier may not be completely intact.
  • Purchase high-quality BP’s that are less prone to skin irritation such as those from Melanopeel®. Click here to read more.


  • Don’t use around dark and highly colored fabrics. Be cautioned – BP can bleach fabrics and clothes. It is a strong oxidizing product (this is how it kills bacteria).
  • Don’t apply close to hair as BP can also bleach hair.
  • Don’t use on close contact with babies and other people with sensitive skin.
  • Don’t use with strong glycolic acid products on dark skin. If you do, extremely diligent sun protection with sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, and clothing is mandatory.

Our anti-acne and anti-razor bump BP’s:

  • Clarity BP Microdermabrasion is a refreshing and oxidizing scrub for oily skin & acne-prone skin. Great for men with facial razor bumps.
  • Molecular BP Lotion has an advanced structure that uses BP at just the right size to penetrate into your pores. Less irritating BP remains on your skin’s surface.

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