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The Busy Woman’s Skin Care Routine

By Dr. Stephanie Young-Niemeyer

To the busy women. I see you, I know you, I am you! You want a fresh vibrant face to match the excitement of being in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s.

Finally, it is all coming together, but you look in the mirror and you see the tired, dull and worn look from the long hours of pursuing these dreams and goals. You keep thinking that your skin doesn’t look as fabulous as it should!

Busy Woman's Skin Care Routine

You need the glow and the fresh face, but cringe at the thought of doing too many skin care steps!

You need to update your skin care. Use cosmeceuticals.

You have heard of the skin routines that can literally give you a new lease on life, but you can’t fathom the thought of another hour added to your already stressed morning and late night.

Then you think – I’ll just go buy the good old fashioned product from the drug store that my grandmother used to use.

Many months later you realize it was a complete waste of time and money.

Your routine to combat age, work, environment & stress needs to be stronger. Over-the-counter products simply won’t cut it. You need medical grade cosmeceuticals, like Melanopeel. The next thing is that your cosmeceuticals should not be complicated.

too many skin products in skin care routine

Skin care routines should be easy & practical.

Your skin care routine should work.

There is nothing worse than having to do 10 steps before leaving the house. I have even heard some patients tell me they had to stick their face in the freezer for 10 minutes to cool them down before leaving in the morning.

Really, which normal person has the time for this? This is one of the major reasons I love the Melanopeel® line of products. It has all the potent ingredients needed to get results, however, it blends the gentle but powerful ingredient of Mandelic Acid to truly transform your skin.

I advise my patients that the key to a successful skin care routine is to streamline your skin care. We do this for you, working within your budget.

We streamline your choices for what suits your skin problem, based on your budget.

Mandelic acid is the secret ingredient that’s been missing in the Caribbean all this time.

We run to products that may not be best suited for the Caribbean climate or for our mixed skin types. We need to transform our skin more carefully, due to the higher risk of hyperpigmentation. Mandelic Acid is that magical molecule we’ve been looking for in skin care. It is larger and penetrates slower so it doesn’t cause damage when used as directed.

We also need products that don’t trigger our sensitivity to the sun, or rebound hyperpigmentation .

For crying out loud – we live, play, and drive in the sun!

We need to use products that help us to target our issues without creating other problems. Mandelic Acid can be used for acne prone skin, fine lines and wrinkles, poor skin tone and texture, melasma and hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, folliculitis and rosacea.

When choosing a versatile active ingredient like this one, it safely penetrates the epidermis due to its large size molecule, & breaks down bonds binding dead skin cells together. With this micro-peeling action, mandelic acid efficiently removes the top layer of expired epidermal cells, and resurfaces your skin.

The result is that I can get you that awesome glow you’re seeking, plus that super fresh face you’re wishing for, without adversely damaging your skin.

See some of my Melanopeel Results.

Real Patients, Real Results by Dr. Stephanie Young Niemeyer, Trinidad & Tobago:

Contact Dr. Niemeyer for products & a personalized skin care regime: 1-868-225-6050

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Professional Biography: Dr. Stephanie Young-Niemeyer

Dr. Stephanie Young-Niemeyer

Dr. Stephanie Young-Niemeyer BA. Psych, D.D.S is a dental practitioner based out of Trinidad. She is equally passionate about oral health, cosmetic dentistry, & cosmetic dermatology. She has noted the need for affordable, effective & simple skin treatments needed by her Caribbean demographic needs. “There are so many nuances about our mixed race skin types, our harsh and humid climate, the perpetual sun damage, and the specific aesthetic of our beautiful Caribbean skin. Melanopeel gives me that edge to economically & successfully manage my patients ”, says the young, enthusiastic clinician.

Dr. Young-Niemeyer works at her Relax Dental practice treating both her dental and skin clients on any given day. She has received advanced training & certifications in cosmetic dermatology & medical acne treatments, and been closely mentored by Dr. Desmer Destang who has been practicing & teaching Cosmetic Dermatology on skin of color for over a decade. She continues to see very excellent results with the Melanopeel line, which features the use of the Mandelic Acid molecule that she hails as the hero of the skin care regime that they prescribe for clients of all ages at the clinic. One of the main features of her treatment plans with her clients is a promise to them to not put them on any oral medication that can have any other severe side effects on the body and mind. She has been able to achieve the great results on all skin tones which can prove to be a challenge. “One of my proudest moments of achievement was when a patient said she had been to the Dermatologist for many years, tried every medication and all the different prescriptions out there and had never seen results like she had with the Melanopeel peels, microneedling and products. That was a pivotal and impactful moment in my skin treatment journey, I knew we were on to something amazing!”

Dr. Young-Niemeyer’s success in this field has to do with a few key parts to the equation. Firstly, excellent products that are easy for the physician to understand along with the patients’ ease of use without causing any downtime. Secondly, building very strong client relationships and following up with their progress consistently. Genuinely caring to see the client succeed is one of the keys to building compliance. Thirdly, building a strong office staff team who also believe in the products. “My team is always eager to see client success just as much as I am and we are working together to see our clients’ skin change which is just so exciting to do together.”

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