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5 Things That Will Make Your Acne Worse.

This list should come as no surprise to you if you already suffer from acne.

While we can’t control factors 1-4, we can speak with authority on #5!

The top 5 things to make your acne worse:

#1. Picking your acne:

This worsens acne inflammation, introduces more microorganisms into the pores, and worsens acne hyperpigmentation.

holding phone affects acne

#2. Bad habits like holding your cell phone close to your face:

Did you ever notice how one side of your face tends to break out more? This could be because of your cell phone, habitual resting of your chin in your hand, and touching mainly one side of your face. Even sleeping on a preferred side of your face can make one side break out more.

To overcome this, you should habitually clean the surface of your phone, use an ear-piece, stop face-touching habits, and ensure that your sheets and pillows are always clean.

high glycemic food worsens acne

#3. Your diet, like eating high glycemic-index foods:

Internal inflammation of your organs and glycation (sugar-coating) of your cells occur with high sugar diets and refined carbohydrates. If your diet includes excess exogenous sources of hormones like from dairy milk, and saturated fats like from beef, you are also inducing organ inflammation.

Some of these foods also feed the hormonal cascade which stimulates your sebaceous oil-producing glands. Remember that your skin is your largest external organ, and it is also an excretory organ. As a result your skin can react in a negative way to a poorly balanced diet.

blue light bad for skin

#4. Skin stressors (Internal & External):

Internal skin stressors like cortisol release wreaks havoc on your skin by increasing activity of your sebaceous glands and also breaking down precious collagen in your skin.

External stressors like smoking, UV light, blue HEV light from your electronic devices, and pollution can all damage your skin, and weaken your skin’s immunity when fighting acne.

#5. Not using Melanopeel®:

Melanopeel protects your skin

Our Anti-acne skin care is designed to protect your skin from factors that promote skin inflammation and greatly boosts your skin’s ability to overcome internal and external stressors.

melanopeel melanostat serum for clear skin
Remember that acne is tough to control. Use strong skin care protocols!

This does not mean that you shouldn’t make lifestyle changes, as this of course will benefit your treatments.

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